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Using Word2MathML v1

May 26, 2008 at 12:33 AM
Install the application using the installer provided. Create a Word document with equations, say file1.docx. Now open Word2MathML app and choose file1.docx in Open Word file dialog box. Choose a folder where you would like to put the output xhtml file (this is the html equivalent of your Word doc viewable inside a browser). Call it <path>/mathfolder, say. Now the app will create a file called file1.xml in <path>/mathfolder and place a stylesheet file in the same folder. The stylesheet file is required for this to work. The application creates some temp files and puts them in <path>/mathfolder/mathTemp. I will try to dispose of these temp files in the next release, but that seems to be one of the major issues in this application.

Now open file1.xml in a browser (IE 7 and FireFox 2 work - you need to install the MathPlayer plugin to get it to work in IE7. FF2 has much better looking output.

If you would like to post the xml file to the web, remember to add the pmathml.xsl file to the same folder on the server!